Local IT Manager

Are you an experienced IT professional ready to take on a leadership role? Do you thrive in dynamic environments where you can make a significant impact? If so, we want you on our team! The position holder has the role of coordinating the activities specific to the IT field within the PL site of company […]

Workforce Management Planner Junior

WFM Planner will ensure that resources are managed efficiently and effectively in order to optimize the use of resources to achieve performance targets: determine resource requirements for all campaigns and lines of businesses dealing with customer contacts, ensuring that shifts are aligned to customer demand & commercially viable, while meeting service standards. With over 3000 […]

Local Recruitment Coordinator

Local Recruitment Coordinator is vital team member responsible on managing the end-to-end hiring process. They attract candidates, evaluate resumes, conduct in-depth interviews, and handle hiring paperwork. Strong communication skills and a confident approach as a headhunter are highly desired. We value individuals who think outside the box and demonstrate a track record of completing projects […]